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The OptiTRAC Resist Processing System provides advanced manufacturing technology for volume production  on 3" to 8" substrates.

OptiTRAC is designed to accommodate changes in your process and match new product development  requirements.

OptiTRAC Features…

  • Small clean room footprint.
  • Diverse installation options.
  • State of the art, single digit process uniformity performance.
  • Patented robotic handler.

Diverse Installation Options

  • front/rear bulkhead
  • ballroom/through the wall
  • multi island/linked
  • stand alone


Bulkhead Installations

OptiTRAC offers not only process flexibility, but also offers installation flexibility. Whether you require stand alone/ballroom, front/rear bulkhead, through  the wall, or cluster, the OptiTRAC process island will fit your production line and grow with you.

A Unique System Configuration

OptiSlide…an innovative coat/develop system…

 Designed to lower the cost per wafer in high volume IC production environments. OptiSlide incorporates advanced process capabilities in a system configuration  that can expand in concert with your fab production plans.

Individual Island System Description

  • Independent process islands, island size 32"w X 42"d.
  • Each process island can be configured as coat, develop, clean or strip.
  • Any process island may be independently operated while any other island is being serviced.
  • Programmable wafer flow using robotic wafer handler (parallel & serial).
  • Individual process modules with dedicated micro controllers help maintain maximum process control.
  • Contact Sales for Custom Configuration

Mini Environment

  • The mini environment enclosure improves and stabilizes wafer processing in production and/or R&D applications.
  • Uniformity is dramatically improved with temperature and humidity control.
  • Mini environment designed to isolate process from Amine contamination for a stable and repeatable  processes.

Photoresist Coat Module

  • Accurately dispenses up to four temperature-controlled chemicals.
  • Patented Spin Agitation can reduce chemical consumption by as much as 50% and greatly enhance uniformity.
  • Patented solvent pool process chamber creates vapor rich process environment assuring uniformity and improving yield.
  • Dynamic exhaust flow control.
  • Mini environment provides precise temperature and humidity control.
  • 0.15m CD processing capability
  • Positive/negative photoresist.
  • Polyimide & specialty material coat/spin capability.
  • Modular design for ease of cleaning/service.

Developer Module

  • Two independently controlled dispense arms per module.
  • Improved across the wafer CD control via low impact chemical dispense nozzle…hot spots are eliminated.
  • Process flexibility with puddle, spray or stream develop, with overlap develop/rinse.
  • Process chemical line and dispense tip temperature control.
  • Aerosol contaminants reduced with high bypass exhaust flow control within chamber.
  • Patented spin agitation optimizes resist and developer interaction and chemical consumption.
  • Process fluid temperature control to the dispense tip.

Bake Cool Module

  • Proximity bake, fixed or programmable, ensures bake uniformity and minimizes effects of backside contamination. Selectable full contact bake.
  • Programmable temperature range of 35-365 in 0.1 degree increments.
  • Module controller combined with Watlow PID temperature control provides guaranteed stability of bake and chill process. Software algorithm controls plate energy transfer, thus enabling the module to  reach programmed substrate temperature more rapidly.
  • Chill station features contact, proximity, and moving pin proximity substrate handling, provides active temperature control to 0.1.
  • On board diagnostics support process development and enhanced system control. Interlock operation assures that the substrate always returns to a safe wait position.

Vacuum Vapor Prime Module

 The Vapor Prime module is designed to assure monolayer formation of an HMDS adhesion promoter. Easy to use software allows creation of multiple process recipes for bake, prime, purge and cool.

  • Proximity prime, dehydration bake, proximity cool with 35 to 150 degree temperature range.
  • Precise control over many process variables, including prime chamber pressure, temperature, HMDS fluid/vapor flow, dynamic process chamber vacuum control, nitrogen purge.
  • Active chamber interlock system and air tight containment prevent process chemistry from escaping to ambient. This module is production proven and will not contaminate  193nm or 248nm resists. Secondary containment and level monitor provides added level of safety and S2-93 compliance.
  • Chill station features contact, proximity, and moving pin proximity substrate handling, provides active temperature control to 0.1.
  • On board diagnostics support process development and enhanced system control. Interlock operation assures that the substrate always returns to a safe wait position.

Advanced System Controller

  • OptiTRAC's multi-tasking system software is user friendly and capable of controlling wafer transport and all process modules, independently maintaining program library,  issuing visible and audible alarms, monitoring module status, performing on-line diagnostics, and maintaining batch integrity with powerful batch statistics SPC utility.
  • On-line help guarantees maximum productivity with complete graphical operations and maintenance manual accessible from user interface. One click operation delivers you to each window with  intuitive logic software design.
  • Ease of use for production personnel guarantees productivity. Flexibility provides engineering with the ability to design process to meet changing product requirements.
  • The advanced System Controller includes Windows 95™ notebook user interface, RS 232 GUI port and optional Ethernet link.

Flexible Process Control

  • Windows 95™ based GUI features intuitive template driven programming, user I/O, point and click operation. Module recipe and matrix programming supports both parallel and serial process flow  control for R&D and production applications. On-line linked help functions include full operations and maintenance documentation.
  • Matrix process programming simplifies D.O.E., spin curves, chemical batch consistency, daily/shift SPC. Automatic logging of critical parameters.
  • Discrete module control, "smart" error recovery, critical process data can be collected at module and is selectively available for trend plotting at the user interface.

Robotic Wafer Transport System

  • Central 5 axis system robot manages serial/parallel processing and provides a wafer transport environment which is isolated from the thermal gradients of process modules. Robot never handles  hot wafers.
  • System is programmable for position, velocity and acceleration. DSP controls coupled with independent DC motors for each axis offers additional performance capability and make ease of use a reality.
  • Easily handles modification to configuration, random module access, easy and quick to change substrate sizes.
  • Substrate centering performed by robot "on the fly" placement accuracy .25 microns.
  • Stops safely: Controls monitor following errors during move trajectory to provide instant response to obstructions.
  • Safe and accurate operation enhanced by low mass, direct drive robotic components.

P R O C E S S   S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


Photoresist thickness uniformity, 150mm wafer

Across the wafer:     10ű1 sigma

Wafer to wafer means:    10ű1 sigma

Photoresist quantity dispensed per 200mm wafer:   2ml


CD control (% of nominal line width greater than 0.25 micron. Low impact nozzle)

Across the wafer:     .5%1sigma

Wafer to wafer:     .5%1sigma

Visual developer defects:     0

Typical developer quantity dispensed (Low impact nozzle)
                    Per 150mm wafer:    
40 ml per wafer

Vapor Prime

Contactanglerange:      60 to 70

Contactangle repeatability :    3 on bare Si

Particle Contamination

Particles added per wafer pass - Dry RUN

0.2 microns or larger, 150mm wafer   5


Failure frequency

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures):   500 hours

MTTR (Mean Time To Repair):   2 hour

MTBA (Mean Time Between Assists):   500 wafers

Uptime:     98%


Throughput is process and configuration dependent. Performance will be based on specifications, agreed to at the  time of order, specific to the customer's configuration and process

Single Process Island throughput capability    Typical 50+ wph

System with three process islands    Typical 150+ wph

ULPA filter with temperature/humidity control option.

Optional 1, 2 or 3 island temperature humidity control unit built for Solitec Wafer Processing by Semifab provides  environmental controls for air flow through the spin module. An integrated fan driven ULPA filter provides laminar flow across the bake and indexer modules.


Ambient temperature

18 C to 25 C


Control temperature

18 C to 23 C


Control performance

0.1 C


Ambient humidity



Control humidity



Control performance


1,2 or 3 island outputs


100 CFM per output

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